Environmentally & TRGS 611 compliant high performance cutting fluid

KinkOil Ecotec is a multipurpose, high performance cutting fluid, designed for heavy cutting applications with high speeds and feeds on ferrous & non-ferrous metals, as well as stainless steels.


  • Environmentally & TRGS 611 compliant
  • For ferrous & non-ferrous metals, as well as stainless steels
  • User friendly
  • Low foaming capabilities
  • High quality surface finish
  • Minimal residue buildup

KinkOil Ecotec is free from formaldehyde, chloride, sulfur and secondary amines. It is also environmentally and TRGS 611 compliant. KinkOil Ecotec can be used as spray mist lubricant or mixed in water as coolant.

Please use the following mixing ratio for steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, casting iron or aluminum:

  • Normal cutting applications: 5%
  • Heavy cutting applications: 10%

Excellent lubricity additives provide a high quality surface finish. Also KinkOil Ecotec incorporates highly effective anti-corrosion capabilities. Due to extremely low foaming in all water conditions, using KinkOil Ecotec minimizes spillages and waste and improves machine efficiency.

The Safety Data Sheet for professional users in available on request.